Who is Sussex?

Sussex Construction is a local Montana construction company operating in Helena since Ron Bartsch and Bekka Cantrell co-founded it in 1996. Ron and Bekka still jointly own Sussex to this day. Together they have strived to set the tone for Green Building, have developed multiple environmentally sensitive, responsible, community-centric neighborhoods in the Helena Area, and have built over 400 homes in their 27-year tenure. Drawing from their overseas experiences and passion for historical architecture, they have a reputation for building carefully designed and crafted homes that are “uniquely Helena” and that complement the landscapes and neighborhoods where they are built.   Sussex considers the environmental impact, the function, the comfort, and the health of the occupants, and the heritage and longevity of the houses they build.

About the Westside Woods Neighborhood:

This exciting new neighborhood has been methodically designed with over a mile of walking and biking trails. With over thirteen acres planned to be donated to the City of Helena for open space and pocket parks, this project will incorporate the existing biking and hiking trail system into its design. The road’s names are a nod to local artists, and the owners plan to commission art pieces by the same artists to install within the trail system.

This area has been designated for urban development in the City/County Growth Plans since 2005, and it is an essential addition to the housing needs in Helena. We understand change is challenging; however, we have been continually working with the community, the City, and the School District to acknowledge the current challenges in this area and propose reasonable solutions. Working together, we hope this project will bring positive change to the west side of Helena, such as much-needed safety features like paved roads, sidewalks, fire mitigation, improved crosswalks, and traffic calming at Kessler School.

The development has been designed to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local standards and regulations to promote and protect health and safety. Even though developing in the City is more expensive and arduous than in the County, Sussex is proud to propose a neighborhood that will not further exasperate the delicate water table. By annexing this parcel into our capital city, Westside Woods will not have individual wells and drain fields that can pollute soils and lower groundwater levels. This neighborhood will be on metered water and connect to City sewer treatment facilities. Residents that move into this neighborhood will pay City taxes and contribute to the Helena tax base.

Westside Woods Neighborhood

Working With The Community

We acknowledge the questions with this proposed development and have welcomed open dialogue on this project since our application process began. Sussex has proactively met with the school district, Kessler staff, and neighbors multiple times. Together we have discussed ways to tackle existing congestion issues around the school. Sussex’s application includes pedestrian routes on complete streets from the planned subdivision to Kessler School, something that few other neighborhoods in the area currently enjoy. We welcome anyone to contact us with any additional questions or concerns that they might have regarding this proposed subdivision.

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