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Ron Bartsch & Bekka Cantrell

Ron is a Montana native born in Butte and raised in Helena. Bekka is from Sussex, England. The two are a tenacious husband and wife team with the intention to constantly improve the living experience. Sussex has developed beloved Helena communities: Heron Creek, Ridgeview, Nobhill, and Sussex Park.

With over 25 years of experience in design, building, and development, Sussex is creating the Westside Woods. This new Art Trail community matters—to the people and the planet.

Helena spoke, and we listened.

Bekka and Ron decided to develop this beautiful land with both the head and the heart. Lewis and Clark County Community Development and Planning Department identified the land as a future growth area.*

To quote the Prickly Pear Land Trust, we believe it’s essential to “connect people to the land.” So we’ve partnered with The Trust to connect the new Westside Woods Art Trail to the existing Mount Helena trails. And of course, if you know Sussex, we are taking it one step further and naming the streets and trails after local artists whose work will adorn the trails.


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On behalf of Costco Wholesale and Shodair Children's Hospital, I want to thank Sussex for helping us make a positive difference in our community. Thanks again!

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